A brief introduction

CMSMove is a trademark of LitExtension,  CMSMove has the vision to create the most professional & versatile Data Migration Products and Services. Founded in 2011, we have experts with more than 10 years of breathing the air of Content Management Systems (CMS), working with many popular solutions like Wordpress, Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, Squarespace ...

What we focus on

1. Professionalism

Yes! This is how we manage to serve premium customers.

2. Passion

Professionalism can not be reached without deep Passion!

3. Commitment

It’s not about delivering a website with data filled, we work hard to make sure you get the desired result and the migrated fits in your site seamlessly.

What matter to us most

1. Are you guys happy with our products/services?

2. What else can we do to make you happier?

3. How to make you a loyal user who comes back to grab even more themes?

What do we want from you?

Communication. Please TALK!

Should you have any question, please ask.

Should you need any support, please request.

Should you are interested in anything new and exotic, raise your voice.

We do believe that discussing means opportunity for improving. Help us please!