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Allows Migration Data From CSV (Excel) To Your Dream CMS Automatically

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How It Works

Provide us your CSV files

After purchasing service, please provide us your target website info such as: URL, FTP,... and list of CSV (or Excel) files to contact@cmsmove.com .


CMSMove Support Team will check your target store, ensure CSV files are structured properly before importing to Target Store


After migration completed, we'll check again to ensure all data was transferred. When all is checked, you are welcome to enjoy new store!

Why CMSMove?

CMSMove provides high quality migration service with low cost. We will perform data migration from CSV (Excel) files to your dream CMS. The main goal is to save time and minimize efforts of website owners.

No Technical Knowledge

No Data Missing, No Data Duplication

Work With All CSV Files Structure

Keep all tables relationship after importation

    • Static website content, e.g. News, About Us pages
    • Base Image, Additional Images
    • Categories, Author, Created Date, Status, ....
    • Tags: Tags corresponding to certain posts
    • SEO Tags: Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description
    • Comments: Title, Description, Author, Created Date, Status,...
    • Preserve Post IDs on the Joomla
    • Name, Description, Base Image
    • ID, Username, First Name, Last Name, Email, DOB, Address ...
    • Customer Password (*)
    • Customer Groups: Preserve relationships with their groups
    • Preserve User IDs on the Joomla
  • SEO URLs (*)
    • Migrate Posts and Categories SEO URLs
    • Migrate 301 SEO URLs of categories and posts
    • Custom fields of Posts, Categories, Users
  • MENU
    • Menu items belonging to these types:Users manager, Articles , etc.
    • Links to pages, blog category, custom menu items (e.g. external links), etc.
(*) Extra Features
    • You just need to buy this migration service, we will take care the rest with no extra cost.
    • Data is migrated with no downtime for your current WordPress
    • You can select data type (Posts, Users,...) you're looking for migration
    • 1 time re-migration with NO extra cost
    • You have just finished a full migration, after that Wordpress is still live and continue getting new data, and you want to get your Joomla updated with the new data, this feature to avoid starting over again.
    • Allow deleting current data from Joomla before migration
    • In case the migration accidentally stops during migration due to server shutdown, network down or any other cause. The module provides Resume functionality to continue on the last point of previous migration, you won't have to start over again.
    • Direct data transfer from WordPress to Joomla, NO third party involved

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What Customers Say About Us

The whole process was very easy, but I made a mistake during the migration (it was my fault not the plugin's) and I had GREAT & VERY FAST support by the company. I would like to thank Dong personally, because he helped me very much in order to understand what I was doing wrong and complete the migration 100% successfuly.

Ilias Avdikos @ Paperfly

Agiou Kosma 14 Ioannina, Epirus, 45221 Greece

"Having developers in a time zone several hours ahead of me did make things a bit trickier to schedule/communicate, but that was a small price to pay for the excellent efforts, and outstanding support I have received before and after the purchase.This install included the need for a development server to be used as a testbed as well as eventual production migration.

Robb Sands @ Carbide Media

United Kingdom

They are great at their job. Highly resourceful and very effective. I quickly resolved my problems with the migration to the new version of PrestaShop. Highly recommended.

Óliver Vega Lora

José Fernández Castany, Málaga, Spain

Last year I hired a different migration company to move my pinnaclecart to Prestashop. The process took over a month and cost substantially more and there were so many bugs that the checkout never worked quite right. After spending countless hours trying fo fix it, I decided to move to magento as I have 3 other magento sites and find it much easier. I hired Litextension last Thursday and within 24 hours, my site was completely migrated with no issues at all. They were prompt and professional in our email correspondence. I will definately use again and highly recommend.

Janice Lennon @ Christian Expressions

128 Peerless St, Cranston, Rhode Island, US

I am very very glad I did... these guys were ULTRA PROFESSIONAL and were able to move all customers, orders, categories, products ect .. onto the Magento without any issue at all and they did it in only a few hours. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, the price was very reasonable for the work involved, and they did a great job. Thank you, you can be proud of yourselves... the work you do is very difficult and complex and you do it very well indeed.

James Cook @ 7hq.net

26936 Fort Apache Circle Lake Forest, California, US

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